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File: 20190116_155407.jpg -(370058 B, 720x1280) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
370058 No.3220   [Reply]

please send me a pic of your dick!
WhatsApp +52 5579115009

>> No.3222  

It is no longer a valid number sorry :(

>> No.4433  

please dont send nothing if you do tath i will publish you numbre on this page

>> No.4437  


>i will publish you numbre on this page

Will then I get pics of dics?

File: Matrix.jpg -(29309 B, 300x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
29309 No.4403   [Reply]

How do I get more info based off of a PS4 IP address. For example, if I pull a IP online in the middle of a game, I only get the PS4 IP and not their wifi IP. Is their a way for me to get more info based off of a PS4 IP?

>> No.4406  
File: 2019-07-21-181454_542x459_scrot.png -(320555 B, 542x459) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

You can't do a whole lot, with just a public IP.
For a public IP to be useful, there'd had to be some sort of exploit/vulnerability in the network, that allows local access. Without that, you might as well DDoS that IP.

No.2378   [Reply]

Stalking a 16 year old girl.. bust this guy..

DATE OF BIRTH-- 5/10/1967
PHONE NUMBER- 210-318-5287
ADDRESS- 171 CR 5718, CASTROVILLE TX, 78009-2113
SSN- 566-71-1355

>> No.2385  

what do you expect us to do with that information and how do we know he isn't stalking a 16 year old girl?

>> No.4348  

call law enforcement. simple.

>> No.4351  

you know all this, you fucking deal with it fucking coward

>> No.4372  
>not doing it yourself

Anti-pedos are such cowards lmao subhumans

>> No.4428  

What is your evidence that he's stalking a girl you filthy nigger trash? Fuck off.

>> No.4429  

16 year olds are basically 18 year olds, liking them doesn't make you a pedo.

File: 64948760_594536681069946_2858591186946359296_n.jpg -(78588 B, 972x1625) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
78588 No.4122   [Reply]

Hey guys,

Donate BTC to the following address, and I will take request and post pictures:



>> No.4123  

show samples first

>> No.4129  

Which samples? This is my girlfriend but I bet I can make her do stuff.

>> No.4132  

sample pictures. At least one nude to see if she deserves get BTC for more

>> No.4427  

Those are some droopy tits holy shit

File: myboob.PNG -(527780 B, 520x761) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
527780 No.4410   [Reply]

trans, need $600 by 8/22. Can you spare like 10 or 20 bucks?


Surgery is scheduled for 8/29, but I had to move unexpectedly and I had to take the security deposit out of savings. I lose my mom's insurance in October and I'm worried I won't be able to afford it after that. ;_;

I have a temp gig lined up but I don't know what it pays yet. Anything helps.

>> No.4418  
File: 28882_496040257097276_3513h60884_n.png -(294299 B, 442x474) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

die tranny

>> No.4423  

F in the chat for our brother with tits

File: i0352506-1309405884.png -(480690 B, 1240x605) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
480690 No.23   [Reply]

I like 11yo.

48 posts and 31 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.2194  


>> No.2195  


>> No.2196  

pedos everywhere! smh

>> No.2229  


>> No.2241  


>> No.2246  
File: 1476287734944.jpg -(251198 B, 900x915) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

But what if I want to be the little girl?

>> No.4070  

de 1 a la 10 i liket i loved

>> No.4087  

I love 5-year-old women! They're mature and sexy!

>> No.4172  

5 - 10

>> No.4420  

there are pedos everywhere - pedophile genes are ingrained and dormant in a significant minority of the human population - there also must be a reason why this is the case

No.4417   [Reply]

GOD bless Trump








Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 51313203_2260070610945385_7945978033502945280_n.jpg -(73053 B, 960x958) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
73053 No.4408   [Reply]
* no text *
>> No.4414  

Hi sexy, wish I could alleviate your boredom 😍. I love your lips 😘

File: beaut.jpg -(43463 B, 500x386) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
43463 No.506   [Reply]

so i have a problem. there are 4 girls in my life and ive done a pretty good job of keeping them all separate but i decided that i really wanna commit to one of them but i dont know which. we'll call them Bailey,Jessie,Annie, and Ava. Bailey and i used to date serious and it was really great but we broke up because i moved but recently i moved back and weve been talking and flirting. Jessie ie been kinda dating for 4 months. i say kinda because we dont really go out and do stuff we more just talk. Annie and i flirt a lot and she works with me so i see her almost daily but most of our interactions are witty battles. Ava and i are pretty much the same in every way. she does bad stuff with me and its always exciting. most of our speech is poetic, but she broke my heart before but i really think its different. which girl do i get serious with?

>> No.675  

ur a fuckin scumbag

>> No.679  


>> No.3074  

Man I wish I could help more but this is the quintessential problem for most men. Hopefully I can try to break the problem apart into manageable sized decisions. We can't see the future, all we can do is take the best chance given the information we have at the time. What I do know is that your partner needs to challenge you, while also respecting you and your authority in the relationship. This means that the easy option is not usually the best option.

Based on the little info available this sounds to me like Ava. However, you know Bailey and you work well in a relationship already, and that can alleviate alot of the risk involved with the possibly of it not working out. Does Bailey still challenge and excite you? or is she just a sure thing?

Id also recommend you find a way to let the other girls down in a manner that you can try to pick things up again later. Going all in with one leaves the possibility of not having any of them so leave with the door open. This sounds easy to do with Bailey and Annie, but depending on how Jessie views the relationship it might be harder with her. From her perspective would you have to 'dump' her to see other people? Or are you two uncommitted enough that she wouldn't mind? Are any of these relationships time sensitive?

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.4411  

a good partner is one who you can commit crimes with

but seriously, real tip: roll a d4. When you feel the urge to re-roll right after, listen to that.

be honest with the others and if you ever cheat again I hope she takes a cheese grater to your dick

File: temp.jpg -(0 B, 192x255) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
No.4407   [Reply]

been around a while. got many collections going all way back to R@y gold (limewire) days but all very young. Looking to trade/share for adults being forced/drugged

Lets chat

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