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917239 No.3478   [Reply]

Any fun webm?

>> No.3479  
File: Horse.webm -(1419000 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
* no text *
>> No.3481  
File: 1546800963738.png -(26532 B, 713x611) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


File: 73f238496c63ca2257471bb2c019fc3d.jpg -(40795 B, 600x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
40795 No.3458   [Reply]

A server for only the coolest of the newfags.
we got everything you could want.
If you have a service to offer, contact Captain Seidark in the server

>> No.3464  

expired lol

No.3083   [Reply]

Also Whatsapp: +34 655762220

>> No.3084  

smells fake

>> No.3460  

kinda interested more info?

File: d96691cd383a7b604a01ce2cd097deb660980229de6a0f813659b51cd9a26fd6.png -(90369 B, 337x424) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
90369 No.3444   [Reply]

This place is garbage

>> No.3453  

kill yourself

No.3116   [Reply]

Need the link of 4chan pls

>> No.3119  

Hey dickhead it 4chan.com you will get it with a google search. And 4chan doesnt allow tor to post.

>> No.3151  


>> No.3446  

I just wish you would have said
<who is this mysterious "4-chan"

File: c50e39c3f75bcf4a3603d633f10f55da56cfdf9fcab87c0e69228c98f7b40fce.jpg -(4433 B, 200x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
4433 No.3441   [Reply]

Hey losers, please link some decent (legal) altchans. I need to shill a board.

No.3369   [Reply]

South Korea government started to censor to foreign https websites. But it's similar to China, not North Korea.


>> No.3370  

>>3369 We must rape and impregnate South Korean girls to discipline them!

>> No.3371  

>>3369 South Korea Expands Site Blocking Efforts with SNI Eavesdropping
February 14, 2019

South Korea will expand its site blocking measures with SNI eavesdropping, so HTTPS sites can be blocked as well. The new measure, which will also affect pirate sites, has generated widespread opposition. While it's more effective than standard DNS blocking, it's certainly not impossible to circumvent.


>> No.3424  

How about raping Korean girls? Why don't you rape Korean women?

>> No.3427  

Is South Korea Sliding Toward Digital Dictatorship?
Feb 25, 2019

South Korea is Censoring the Internet by Snooping on SNI Traffic
February 13, 2019

Censorship, SNI and Privacy Violations
Feb 17, 2019

File: 49937699_2339583196286154_370848474431750144_n.jpg -(31190 B, 750x734) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
31190 No.3271   [Reply]

this is my younger cousin... who wants a video of me raping her?

33 posts and 7 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
>> No.3402  
File: 14908268_1348030971904105_3232899779126959276_n.jpg -(37332 B, 639x639) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

heres when she was 13, she had short hair and used to be a tomboy

>> No.3403  

If she had a cunt where I can stick my penis in, it doesn't matter how she looks
Hole is hole

>> No.3404  

i found out her real name and info!!

>> No.3405  
>>>3404 Tell me her name and information! I wanna find and rape her!
>> No.3406  

>>3405 she lives in canada somewhere in winnipeg manitoba, and shes native american.. (easy targets for trafficking i heard) good luck

>> No.3412  

>>3406 She is a native American so she must not be a vurgin. Native Americans can be easily targets of bullying so she must be raped by her classmates many times.

>> No.3413  
>>>3402 I wanna get her first time. I wanna rob her of her virginity. I really want to rape her!
>> No.3414  

White people should rape all native American virgins in America!

>> No.3417  

she looks cute
I would hug and cuddle her

Why do all people just want to rape all the cute girls, thats soo nigger-tier

>> No.3418  
>>>3417 I also wanna hug and cuddle her boobs and pussy!

No.3401   [Reply]

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No.3400   [Reply]

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