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File: eh.jpg -(208626 B, 683x797) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
208626 No.2198  

why are you using deep web?

>> No.2200  

Anonymity, privacy and security.

>> No.2212  

>>2200 yea same with me.
For how long are you using tor?

>> No.2213  

I have been unable to close tor browser since I opened it help I am trapped!

>> No.2214  

Pull the powerplug

>> No.2218  

close with task manager :/

>> No.2219  

I wanna get away from the normalfags

>> No.2220  

you mean those retarded kids?

>> No.2221  

Like 4channers and 9gagers

>> No.2222  

>>2221 yea, and those kids who go to 4chan and act like they on deep web.

>> No.2235  
File: 1262944230646.jpg -(23582 B, 508x339) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Its fun!

>> No.2243  

>>2235 life isn't fun!

>> No.2245  
File: 1506887648701.png -(461478 B, 1000x1000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I am actually on a deep web spree right now and this is my first time here.

>why are you using deep web?

I made a joke on 4chan about how the only way to get the old internet back would be to literally make a second internet, but then it hit me! We already do sort of have a second internet, the deep web!

>> No.2966  

I wish more people would use TOR like technologies that are more resistant to state interference because this is where cyberspace is rather than on corperate internets like facebook et al.

>> No.2994  
File: yes walking.jpg -(110882 B, 499x488) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

same here buddy. the deep web will become the new edgy internet where freedom of speech comes first

>> No.3032  
File: 1460675115640.gif -(624692 B, 498x473) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>freedom of speech comes first

Hidden service admins can modfag like anyone else.

Tor's biggest contributions to restoring "old internet" use patterns isn't in free speech, but in the limitation of phone posting. Phone posting encourages the culture of the 128 character limit -- that is, the culture of low effort/high volume content creation. Such posting floods out high effort/low volume content creation.

While apps like Orfox and Torbot exist to enable Tor on a phone, it is far more difficult to use Tor on a phone securely. Think of it like this: does one really want to risk using Tor on android and accidentally walking into a CP raid on their regular deepweb chan?

This difficulty in securing phones properly for Tor keeps the phoneposters out, which means more people can be expected to be posting from PCs during dedicated PC use time, rather than hurriedly tapping out a shitpost in the 10-seconds they have on a lunch break or something from their phone.

Thus: we end with a situation where low effort/high volume is less possible here. With that, high effort/low volume posting is more viable, and that's how novel content is created.

>> No.3038  
File: eussr.jpg -(120165 B, 1024x640) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Article 13.

>> No.3044  


>> No.3050  

Great response. I'm still slowly migrating to Tor sorta. I've used it off and on for ages but never really got into buying/selling shit and so on. However, as corpnet becomes increasingly consolidated as a mass spying operation, I'm wanting to "integrate" myself into Tor more.

DO you have have recommendations ? I've got the Hidden Wiki bookmarked and some other random stuff I found but I'd like to explore deeper

>> No.3197  
File: my_eyes.jpg -(5418 B, 150x150) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I got salt in my eye and am trying to look for a quik way to get it out

>> No.3210  

I once got hot sauce in my eyes. Shit hurt like hell, but I poured milk over my eyes and it went away.

>> No.3223  

I want to avoid browser fingerprinting.

>> No.3228  

I hate it. But, there's really nothing left for us to do. Is this the end?

>> No.3242  

it has just began

>> No.3255  

Honestly.. i'm waiting for the revival of pinkmeth.. or something close to it.

>> No.3268  

I hope the darknet will be a revival of the old internet. Everybody can host their stuff, you even have to click through tons of pages to find stuff that interests you.
Due to it's nature, the dark web is also less likely to be ruined by normalfags.

>> No.3287  

I wanna see child pornography and buy drugs.

>> No.3288  

<The government are keeping me under constant surveillance.

>> No.3574  


>task manager
>> No.3590  

>>3050 My tip: Recommendations what into integrate don't. Know how using? Always. Habit make? Possible think good isn't. Possible betters each consequences know before do.

>> No.3594  

To find who I am truly.

>> No.3596  

It's more like "slightly indented web." Google could crawl and index any hidden service just as easily as anyone can browse them if it wanted to.

I use encrypted connections because data mining is ubiquitous and everything about anyone is for sale. I use Tor for imdb lookups. I use Tor to check the news. I use Tor to find out what brands of water heaters Home Depot has and for how much. I'm not using the "deep web", Tor is simply my web browser.

To put it bluntly: Any US government monitoring of Tor just because it's Tor is a violation of my Fourth Amendment rights, whether my packets happen to be temporarily routed outside of the US or not. My use of Tor is not an indicator of illegal activity. My use of Tor does not serve as probable cause to believe that illegal activity is taking place.

>> No.3612  

I'm just looking for cool, interesting sites.
Nowadays you can barelly find any on the normal internet, because all content moved to facebook and youtube and forums are dying

>> No.3614  


>windows user

kill yourself nigger

>> No.3617  

We all should use Linux or BSD.

>> No.3622  


>assumes windows user

Its possible but keep in mind many different linux distributions have programs that are called task manager too. It's nice that you don't have to type every fucking thing and waste your life trying to type 100 lines a day to do simple tasks on a PC. GUIs that are fast but minimal are pretty cool.

>> No.3632  
File: 1522875613525.jpg -(36447 B, 280x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

It feels good being here, it reminds me of what 4chan used to be before the normies got there, I miss the rapists, and murderers posting whatever they wanted like bodies in the fridge, or the next victim, and watching people off themselves there was just kind of a special magic I can't get anymore, it's just not the same

>> No.4363  

tbh i was curious to see if cp was going to turn me on. it doesn't. just made me angry.

pedos need to seek therapy before they're purged

>> No.4365  

Im phoneposting right now.

>> No.4383  

A good shell will completed a lot of commands for you and save tons of time.

>> No.4385  

So I can jerk off in peace.

>> No.4390  

Trying to look for a gun.

>> No.4392  

The clearnet sucks and Usenet is too dead now.

>> No.4436  
File: partyvan.png -(155868 B, 1264x275) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

To get away from the low IQs

>> No.4469  

real freedom

>> No.5210  

feels better than normal web browsing

>> No.5213  

I use Tor for everything.

>> No.5218  

for the freedom to say gas the kikes and niggers aren't human whether i mean it or not.

>> No.5292  

To jack off to little girls & watch nigger Muslims cut off white people's heads....so pretty much the same thing you all are here for.

>> No.5307  

Cause it feels like home.

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