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File: 230.jpg -(13928 B, 490x586) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
13928 No.2824  

I have an EXTREMELY unpopular opinion of thinking that pedophilia shouldn't be as rejected as it currently is. I'm surprised at how many few people think this way, but at the same time, I'm not surprised. I'm not a pedophile, but I (somewhat) defend them. I understand the reason why most people don't though, and that's because saying anything slightly pro-pedo will instantly makes everyone assume you're one yourself. Well, what I'm trying to get to is, no one chooses to be a pedophile, and it baffles me how people can accept homosexuality, transexuality, and even zoophilia to an extent, but even the shear mention of accepting anything even slightly related to pedophilia causes mass hysteria. I thank god every morning that I'm not a pedophile, not because the idea sickens me, but because 99% of society would reject me. I could come up with a cure for cancer but if it ever came out that I was secretly a pedophile, even if I didn't do ANYTHING wrong, people would still hate me. I'm not suggesting that CP or underage sex should be legal (sorry to rain on your parade pedos), all I'm saying is, pedophilia should be accepted because its not going to go away no matter how hard people try. Its been around since the beginning of history (there's some ancient civilizations that believed sex with kids was the best kind of sex) and it will continue to be here until the end of history. And now think, why would a pedophile do anything to harm kids if he loves them?

>but they do harm kids all the time!

all the pedophiles you see on the news almost always had charges of other forms of sexual abuse, such as creepshots, ect. and with woman way above the age of consent.
It's easy as hell to say "lock up all the pedos", but what if you were the pedophile? Your whole life up to this point has been pretty normal, right? Well what if we added pedophilic thoughts into the mix? You would still be the same person, but if your secret ever came out, you'd be eternally screwed!

>> No.2825  

I don`t think most people really hate pedophiles. They just have fear to get into the bullseye of LEA and oppose that harsh and openly that they hopefully will get ignored.

Its like the one we all know from high school who was so hard against homos that it got sometimes hilarious. Only to later discover he was gay himself and didnt want anyone to know.

>> No.2890  

The society hates pedophilies because they are disgusting. They take away the innocence of children, abuse and expose them.

>> No.2893  

GTFO "virtuous pedophile"

>> No.2895  

True. Being a pedophile is just having different tastes. However, this is a matter that concerns young lives.
Kids really don't know shit until they start to mature around the age of 16. Now, this can be case by case but in general kids should be supervised. This means older people could take advantage of a young, undeveloped mind, and that's unacceptable.

The more concerning problem is how black the media has painted the image of pedophiles. Not all pedophiles wish harm on children -- hell, most of them don't want to bring harm to them. The idea of a pedophile has been painted as someone who wants to brutally rape and violate a child, which certainly is true for some criminals.

Loli hentai really helps people from committing any unlawful acts against children, and I think the rest of the society should think about it as well. We've learnt that usually prohibition makes things worse, as for giving an alternative that may even help pedophiles change themselves.
Too bad society's always arrogant and scared to do anything like this.

>> No.2904  

ur shits retarded

>self censoring even after pointing out that people self censor themselves
>> No.2907  

Someone posted a link to the "pedophile's handbook" on nanochan, so I glanced it over. If you are ever wondering why people hate pedos, you'd would do well to read it as well. The basic problem is that the nigger who wrote it shows no remorse whatsoever for the children he is doing serious harm to. He spends literal years of his life lying to women, choosing his job and house based on his degeneracy, all so he can fuck innocent children. There is never a moment where he stops and says "wow, that's pretty fucked up, maybe we should rethink fucking kids". The farthest he goes is getting scared that he'll have to take the kids into the ER, because they recognize and report child abuse.

What really struck me though is how asymetric the whole thing is. I'd always thought of the pedo problem as being one of bad luck: a pedo just so happens to live too close to a school, they just so happen to start dating a single woman. It should be obvious that there is no luck involved. They plan their whole life around fucking kids. What you think of as an innocent date, they think of as an opportunity to get closer to your children. What you think of as a simple job applicant, they think of as an opportunity to get closer to school children. The only solution to the pedo problem is constant vigilance. You can trust no one around your kids, because they might have built a whole relationship with you just to get that trust.

Now remember the one thing that pedos fear, the one thing that causes them to feel the illusion of remorse: the threat of getting caught. So the only real solution to the pedo problem is to increase this fear to the highest possible value, so that all but the most bravehearted pedos never even step in a family neighbourhood. It is insufficient to only chase after pedos that have already raped kids, because by then it is too late. Even the slightest sign of pedophilia must be treated as absolute, because that may be the only warning you get.

If you really are one of the good ones, if you realize the genuine harm your sick fetish does to children, then you will hopefully see why all this is necessary, and that it is in everyone's best interest if you keep as far away from children as you can.

>Real childporn will be removed - hentai/anime and non-nude are OK.
>Again: Childporn (CP) is not welcome.

fucking lol

>> No.2943  


>> No.2944  


>> No.4942  

Morals are a social construct. The remorse of hurting another person, regardless of their age, is something society put on you because they fear you. You only stop being a mindless NPC when you throw away that bullshit.

>> No.4943  

There is never a time when a pedo should be "locked up". Just need a room with a father, with a ball bat...If the pedo can make to the door... they are free to get shot

>> No.4955  

you're selfish cunts.
murder won't go away no matter how hard we try so should we just accept murder you bloody dimwit?
There's a whole shitload of things on the planet we don't indulge in even though we would like to.
you're probably a filthy fucking jew anyway so trying to explain the concept of not being the center of the universe is akin to telling a dog he's an astronaut.
KYS and save the victims.

>> No.4959  

Children are rarely raped by pedophiles anyway, they're raped by rapists because they're vulnerable. Pedophiles who are also rapists are a little more likely to rape kids but generally speaking pedophiles are so rare and few enough of the broader population are rapists (there's no special correlation between pedophiles and rapists outside of the socially constructed link of forcing pedophiles into the role of sex offender [re: outlawing loli etc.] in places like the UK) that there's no threat posed by them at all.
The modern stance on pedophiles is wrong on almost every part anyway, it's almost always found that the (psychological) trauma victims suffer is from abuse (rape etc.) rather than anything inherent to 'early exposure' or some shit.

>> No.4961  


>so should we just accept murder you bloody dimwit?

Actually, in a way, we kind of already do.
Thank about this for a second, if someone hurt your family or friends in a very serious way, like they were raped or even killed, you'd try to kill them and if you do, most people won't look at you like a murderer even though that's you are, a killer, a monster, a murder. Most people would just look at you like a guy who did the right thing.

I may be wrong, but my point is we kind of already accept it because if it can justified for doing something. Society already accepts it in some way.

>> No.4969  

t. internet tough-guy

>> No.5017  


you are just putting innocent people in jail. when someone who is not a pedophile is burned on association and ignorance. since protecting a child is for protecting innocence how are you any better than a pedophile? you are hurting innocent people, ruining their lives. you are just as bad as a pedophile.

>> No.5057  

Frankly, I don't care. If someone wants to fuck a kid then who are we to stop them? Why do we think it's bad anyway? what if the kid wanted to be fucked? Everything is justifiable in some form or way, no matter how much we want to deny it. Good and bad are artificial constructs that have been engraved into our brain sense birth, and until we see past that, we will have no idea which way society will progress. We hold on to these constructs and then wince toward the outcome EVERY TIME. Morals are limitations, and with limitations there can be no progress

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