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There is a couple whose contact with each other I want to ruin.

Their main(and as far as I know - only) way of communication is Discord. It's a long-range relationship.

I managed to get the discord token of the girl, so I somewhat have the access to her account.

Few notes:
-I don't want them to find out that someone has been tampering with their shit, let alone that it was me.

-If I would simply fuck around the girl's account, eventually they would realise what's going on, and would start communicating by a service which I cannot affect.

-I don't want any of the poor bastards to get fucked too badly, nor do I want to expose who they are to other people.

Any fun ideas, anons?

>> No.4582  
File: sisters_ass.jpg -(201808 B, 1500x2000) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

and should kill yourself. Stay they fuck out of shit that is none of yours. But you fucking cunts just gotta be up in everyone else's shit.

Your a worthless shit who's best part ran down your mum's leg

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