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File: ELLAES.jpg -(44585 B, 720x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
44585 No.4747  

She's called Yaritza is 11 ... !!

>> No.4748  

looks like 25

>> No.4750  
File: GGGG.jpg -(66344 B, 576x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.4753  

no way, look at them hips, the belly, such tits
Even the face looks like 20+

>> No.4756  

At least 30. Maybe she smokes meth.

>> No.4757  

She looks like a crackwhore. A cracked out bitch.

>> No.4766  
File: cole2.jpg -(37341 B, 576x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

nothing to do she has 11 is my little sister

nothing to do she has 11 is my little sister

>> No.4767  

She looks like she just got done sucking a mans dick for a ringer.

>> No.4768  

You think you are cute bitch? Posting your own sister on here? We will find you motherfucker we will find you.

>> No.4769  

You will not be taking any pictures of your sister no damn more when you are in prison. You will be bent over, being everyone's bitch for the rest of your life. MOTHERFUCKER YOUR GONNA DIE IN PRISON.

>> No.4770  

we gon find you nigger we gon find you, we gon find you nigger we gon find you, we gon find you nigger, we gon find you.

>> No.4771  

Your sister looks like a fucking bitch with 30+yo
Did you make her do drugs or is all of your family that ugly?

>> No.4772  

Does she do requests? I want her to eat the shit right out of my asscrack or post pics of her eating a mans shit.

>> No.4773  

I bet she will slurp on that shit for a hit of crack.

>> No.4774  

It literally looks like a cartoon character of someone who is trying to be a cock tease to pedos but failing miserably.

>> No.4775  

I want to eat her ass, I want to fucking slice it with a bonesaw and cook it over the stove. I will cut her head off and have sexual intercourse with the severed skull in all 6 holes.

>> No.4776  

Once she is dead you will be the one to blame, they will come here and find the logs and be able to tell that you were the one who put this up here. They will slit your throat in prison every night. They will not slit it enough to kill you, they will slit it just enough to terrify you into thinking you might die. You will be within an inch of your life every single day.
You will serve as your cellmates complete toilet meaning you will eat his shit, drink his piss, and vomit. You will suck him off and be used as a toilet for all of his friends. Imagine 50 men shitting and pissing into your waiting mouth for 18 hours a day every single day. That is what life will be like for you pretty soon.

>> No.4781  

pls post a video of her as the light leaves her eyes and the blood gushes out of her neck.

>> No.4813  

Well I think she looks pretty and smart and is probably good at all sorts of things and she can be whatever she wants to be when she grows up and go anywhere and do anything and that you should be very proud of your little sister and thank you for sharing.

>> No.4962  

she looks very beautiful as I wish I could have her naked to try everything

>> No.4963  

me gustaria poder sentir su cuerpo y ver su carita cuando la hago mia

>> No.4998  


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