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File: No hopes.jpg -(81794 B, 766x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
81794 No.977  

People, what the fuck are you all doing?
You all come here to The Onion Router, access a hidden service, and just shitpost all over the chan? I expected something more useful than "nigger"-flood, normal porn, and anime girls.

The old TORChan had far better discussions, before being closed by the CIA raid. You people here are wasting your potential.

>> No.978  
File: c3608c4e3942497db3c2110a3a40d017fbff63c65b64054d9eec2643f7e975e4.png -(413785 B, 1024x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I was thinking exactly the same. Almost all chans I found on TOR where about CP; and the ones that not where full of shitposting...

It's a pitty, really.

>> No.979  

It's difficult to find any chan on TOR by now. And all of them are for shitposting. I'm not wanting CP specifically (I think people is being more cautious about TOR and CP after Freedom Hosting was obliterated), but there were very curious discussions I would never find anywhere on surface web, like people who produced their own drugs at home with makeshift equipment. It was really fascinating.

>> No.4566  

Responding to a two year old thread.
As censorship, deplatforming, restriction, etc. get more severe, more people will come to torchans. It'll happen gradually but it will.

>> No.4590  

hopefully more people will realize that with Tor they do not have to worry about being deplatformed. these people whining about being deplatformed should have been using Tor all along but now at least they are here but quite late.

the whole deplatforming thing is just people looking for handouts. they think they are fucking entitled to a domain and a mouthpiece. you are not entitled to shit.

the more people who use Tor the better, I think deplatforming has been the best fucking thing that has ever happened to finally get people to take away some of the governments power.

>> No.4602  

Government power, yes!

>> No.4617  

as long as people were using platforms not owned by them or not owned by a dencetralized community but rather owned by a large company with ad revenue to worry about, they should have known they were likely to get it at some point.

We have been begging people to move away from facebook for years, but people are only just now starting to see what facebook has been doing. we have known for years before the cambrige analytica bullshit or whatever. i don't even know what it is called because facebook is so far fucking removed from my life. lol

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