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626154 No.984  

I hate Facebook, so I stopped using it (or being used by it). But I also know that it would result in much more views on my site if I created a page there. Could my site help free their minds?

I could make the page automatized by feeding it with a RSS channel from my site and leave that shit auto-post there. But this would help to curse the freedom of the Internet, by reinforcing Facebook dominance. But Facebook is already dominant, and people would become less stupid if they could read what I wrote, and this could help them change their attitude. But Facebook has total control of what people will see, and their users are useless people.

Can anyone please add your own view to this conflict that happens inside my mind? People who only use Facebook can be saved, or are completely lost already? I decided to boycott Facebook, but what if I could use the site strategically? Is it really possible?

>> No.985  

People that are this brain washed by facebook to only use facebook, would rather not be perceptible for your message.

I think it is better to host a own well redacted blog and spread the word across them who are ready to be enlightened.

Perhaps you can close your account on facebook leaving a link for your blog.

>> No.986  
File: Microsoft troops.jpg -(482254 B, 1680x1096) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The account on Facebook was closed much time ago, and the site exist since years. When I had the site and the Facebook account at the same time, I refused to create a page, because I noticed Facebook decided what people would see, so it would be a pathetic try to reach them. But would it really be?

You say people there are brainwashed. I believe that they are not brainwashed necessarily. Most people simply seems unwanting to use their full human potential. But I started to see how Facebook was evil when I used Facebook! I mean, people need to start somewhere... And if they never were able to think about using another thing?

What I see is that the compensation for the sin of maintaining a Facebook page would be too burdensome. I would need to post like, once a month, a text about how Facebook is evil, or how the alternatives are worth a try, what the alternatives are, how to sign up to a RSS feed, etc. as a means of educating people on their liberation.

Also, adding on each post 'shared' there a note that I will not reply them there, and they should use [insert all other services and networks here]. This leads to another problem: people would start to shitcomment all over the page, because Facebook does not allows to turn comments off. The last time I considered all this guerilla plan, the comments moderation where the biggest problem. I won't login on Facebook every week to ban trolls and haters of me. This kills the plan.

Lastly, you say they will not be receptible of my texts. It can be true. But in this case, I do not lose anything. I will continue to have my site, and continue to spread my message in other means. What I see is that Facebook can just ban me when it wants, like happened to someone I know. I don't know the details, but he is locked outside his account if he does not gives some data. I don't remember if it's his ID card number, a telephone number, or other shitty thing. I don't remember either if he used the TOR Facebook address or the normal one.

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